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What's My {thing} Worth?

My grandfather left me some old, but oddly unique cuff links that he bought in the 1950's. They have some gold in them... Are they a priceless antique, or just some old cuff links (or something in between)? Who can tell me?

My grandmother gave me a Star Wars toy back in the 1970's when the first movie came out (she thought I was still a child who played with toys). I thought it was dumb. I stuck it away and never even took it out of the box to play with it. Now my own grandson found it and wants to play with with. Should I let him? Is it worth anything? Would a collector want it?

I bought a box of used underwear at a yard sale for $1. When I got them home they had 'Elvis' embroidered inside each pair. Are they priceless collector's items or just old dust rags?

I have this old stuff. What's it worth? Has anybody ever seen something like this before?

Find out on the Intergalactic Web. Post your question with some pictures of the item and see what people say.

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