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Pyramid Net is now a proud member of the Preferred Networks family.

You can visit their site at

| SUPPORT | M-F 8-5, Sat/Sun Closed

SALES: (775) 847-4000 x1
PNI Microwave SUPPORT: 775-847-4000 x2
Broadband/DSL SUPPORT: 775-884-3202
BILLING: (775) 847-4000 x3

For previous Pyramid Net customers who need support, call (775)884-3202

if you have issues with one of these, please try the other.

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Broadband fiber optic services up to 1Gb symmetric*

Microwave Point to Multi-Point services up to 1Gb symmetric*

Website hosting

Local customer support

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*speeds dependent on distance to local junction boxes

Dear Preferred Networks Customers/previous Customers

 It has been a privilege to continue working with our Pyramid customers and get them converted over to our Preferred Networks side of the business.

Many of the Pyramid customers have been transitioned off AT&T DSL and over to our faster and more reliable microwave internet services.  This has provided much greater bandwidth and speeds for our customers and basically the same monthly rate.  If you are curious to see if we can get you on our newest internet packages, please contact your representative Todd, whom you have known for years, at 775-847-4000 x1. 

Also, if you have ANY questions or issues in the future regarding your AT&T service with us, also reach out to Todd and he will be very happy to assist in resolving any concerns or issues that you may have. 


A lot is going on!!!

We realize you have options for Internet, and we appreciate your continued business.

So, don’t forget about our $50 Referral Credit Program – for every customer you refer to PNI that signs up for internet service, we credit your account with $50. 

No Limit…  With this program, your internet could be FREE.


Preferred Networks truly appreciates your business and we will continue to support our customers with the very best internet possible.

Thank you again for your patronage,

Barry Brannon

Chief Operating Officer


If your internet connection goes down, DO NOT push the reset buttons on your modem or router unless a technician tells you it's ok to do so, be it DSL, Cable or Fiber Optic. The moment you do that, you have blown out all the settings in those devices. Do the following...

1. Unplug the power to the modem and router if you have one. (if you are using switches turn those off too)
2. Wait 2 minutes to let them cool down and to clear out any cached memory. Then plug them back in. Wait for them to sync back up and test your connection. Always check by trying to open various websites like google, yahoo or msn.
3. If it's still not coming up, call the office.

With storms, forest fires and the constant construction/infrastructure work going on in the area effecting power and noise on the lines, modems/routers can go into an "on hold" mode that restarting will usually clear.
We can also experience localized and even regional outages which can take the internet offline for as long as a day in some instances and in some rare cases, even longer.

Ready to make the switch?

Just call our office and we will do a survey which will confirm what services are available for you.
Depending on the service, answers can take from a few hours to a couple of business days.
It is not uncommon for us to be able to provide service where otherwise none would be available.
No ISP in Northern Nevada has a broader offering for connectivity.
We will do our best to help you as we have been doing for 20 plus years.

What makes us better?

We offer fast high-speed access and our customer service is local.

We offer on-site setup of your service and provide internet support for both Windows & Mac computers.

Locally-owned & operated and 20 years of experience.

Having some trouble?

Why not give these few steps a try and see if you can fix your issue yourself.

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