I have been with for over 10 years, In those years I have received excellent service. I love the fact that they are local, and they respond  quickly. Bob and Tiffany have always gone the second mile. I was on dial up and I could not get faster
internet service where I lived. Bob made it happen, I now have faster internet service for my business.  Todd and the tech team are just a call away when I have problems, they are all great.. If you want a locally owned internet company,with great service, use
Tookie J

Good tech support and small family owned business feel. Todd has always been a great help on the phone with my various issues. I prefer these guys to the biggies.
Robert M.

I have been with Pyramid.Net for years (I'm really not sure how long, but over 5 years and less than 10). I started with the lowest speed, but over the years we have added services like Netflix and Roku that have required more speed. Bob has always kept me informed about their new services and we have kept up, step by step, with new services and increased speeds. Although the same speed may be available elsewhere, I have preferred Pyramid.Net over other suppliers because they have local support and service, and there are no caps on the amount of data I download.

Yes, we have had problems with some upgrades, mainly because of installers that are not employed by Pyramid.Net, but are sub-contracters such as Charter (the supplier of our current service). However, Bob has always made things right! The best thing about Pyramid.Net is their support. OMG!!! Even if it is NOT their service that is the problem (it has many times been my computer or my ignorance), they (read "Todd" and a couple others like him) have helped me over the phone or by directly logging into my computer remotely, and fixing the problem. How great is that?!!!

Well, Pyramid.Net just raised the price by another $10 a month, because, I assume, Charter is charging them more. They have to pass the cost along to the customer to stay in business. Although I hate to shell out another $10 a month, their service and support, still, far outweigh the competition. Yes, it was Bob who called to inform me of the price increase. He also wanted to make sure my speeds were as high as promised. He almost feels like a friend and owner of the "General Store" where you used to purchase everything a century ago. It's not always been perfect, but our business relationship has always been honest, helpful, and accessible! What more do you want?
George W.